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Dear Chloe, First excuse my English because I'm a Frenchman. This letter is just to tell you thanks. Since I discover you many years ago (in magazine), I fall in love for you. I have all your videos. What a wonderful girl you are, you are so natural in photos, in video, never vulgarity. You seem so sensual. Perfect body. I will give all I have for a woman like you. Thanks, Chloe, for all the delight you give me. I will be always a FAN of you. A last question: all the day I am waiting for new video of you! When the next I would like to have a special video just for me. I know it's a Dream but...I hope you'll give me an answer. Thanks for all, Chloe, I love you, Patrice. Are there any plans to do any more hardcore films I had an interesting idea--I hope this isn't too vulgar. It's pleasant simple, it doesn't involve intercourse. Have you thought about Something like an Ultimate Chloe blow video Could be a couple of different vignettes. You at a strip club and a guy gets a lap dance, then he lucks into a sucks with a little tit-fucking Scene two could be a set up like: A tribe in the long ago has abducted a woman from the neighboring tribe and has their way with her. This one could too be solely a BJ scene, with the obligatory tit-fuck, because their tribeswomen don't have boobs like Chloe's Just silly things like that, but still satisfying your die-hard fans. Thanks for reading it out, Bretzky.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!

We know that none of you ever had a nurse like Desirae and that's because not a lot of nurses come equipped with tits as huge and voluminous hers. Desirae told us that playing a nurse was always one of her fantasies. I have always wanted to play the part of the naughty nurse. I like the idea of cupping a man's package and telling him to turn his head and cough. I had so much fun with this photo shoot; I Dreamt I was a nurse sitting on a patient's tongue depressor! I woke up so Wet that I took the dildo (the same one that's in the pictures) out of my drawer. I licked it until it was all slippery like, and rubbed my clit with it. Then I pushed that black thing in and out of my pink kitty until I had the creamiest orgasm I'd had in days. My legs were shaking so rough my leg muscles got cramps!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!

Eleven curvy naturals, seven days, one old-school castle on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. This marked the first time Christy Marks and Karina met in person. By now, Christy and Terry Nova were old chums from their big Boob Paradise romp. We badly wanted Merilyn Sakova to come join the parade of pulchritude but she couldn't get over, to our disappointment. Most of you should know who each of these girls are so we'll skip the lineup identification. This is not the biggest lineup we've ever had. Why do we like these lineups so much Because you can really see the differences in physique among the models that you would not pick up in a solo photo-shoot. In this lineup, Terry Nova's height and overall size really stand out. See More of Christy Marks at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

Joana knew Amorina and Roxanne back home in Romania. Can you imagine the commotion they caused when they walked down the street or into a club together They're close. Real close. Amorina and Roxanne wanted to model. Joana knew they had the proper credentials for , so she introduced them to us. That's what friends are for. Joana, goddess of large naturals, wanted to have an outdoor picnic with her bosom buds. They brought their bikes to a seldom-used park and found a secluded area where they could have Some frisky fun with their large boobs, hot clits and cunts and kissable lips. Roxanne and Amorina have placed Joana on a pedestal, which is only natural because we do, too. Joana is the ringleader of this female threeSome and shows them the way to bliss. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!

Los Angeleno Daylene is bilingual and right at home in Miami and at where much of the staff is bilingual, too. But when it comes to the high, cruel one, there are no language differences. A hot exotic dancer at the Hawaii Theater in City of Industry, Daylene got into cruelcore after years of dancing because she needs lots of sex. We mean lots. More than one cock could ever provide, even if he were a superman. The more a guy talks dirty to me and bosses me around in bed, the hornier I get and the more I talk dirty. Like when a guy talks in a horny voice and tells me to get on my knees and sucking his cock, I get all flushed and my skin gets tingly. When Daylene Rio fucks, she pours her soul into every thrust and grind. Did you see Daylene on our Blog in a short video shot while she was make love Titled Can Daylene Rio Talk And have sex At The Same Time it is truly unforgettable. A real transformative moment in time. Daylene puts it where her mouth is. And the proof is once again in the pictures. I love spreading my legs, getting fucked. I like sweet cum, sweet loads of cum all over my tits. I love thinking about all the guys at home cumshot on my tits.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

Most pictorials have the girl fully dressed at the start. She removes her clothing and underwear piece by piece until she's either naked or partly naked. Then depending on how hot she'll go, she may jerk-off with toys or fingers. This Samantha Sanders pictorial reverses course. Sam starts off totally naked. She oils her voluminous tits, plays with them and rubs her golden-bushed pussy. When Sam's cumshot and done, she puts on a long wrap, the kind chicks wear at the beach or at a pool. Old-school men's photography back in the late 1950s and early '60s used to have girls totally naked from start to finish so this is a tribute to that style. Sam's royal assets get her gobs of attention. When she walks into a restaurant, a bar, a club or a resort, she owns the place. The best compliment I've ever heard It was 'You have the best tits in the world.' See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!

What's in Stephanie Stalls suitcase It's loaded with chick stuff. She's now a redhead because she likes to surprise us when she arrives from Kentucky, where she's a local celebrity. Stephanie is going to show you what she's packing in addition to the great boobs she's always packing in her bras. High-energy girl Stephanie's been going to cosmetology school since her previous visit to . She's graduated, but she is still eager to play with her great boobs and have sexual intercourse porn guys on-camera. First she wiggles into Some very tight tops and shorts. Her large southern charms stretch out her tops. It's like going to a store's dressing room with Stephanie and watching her except what she does after she models her outfits can't be done during a shopping trip. Writes Stephanie fan David, I love Stephanie Stalls! It seems like she gets sexier as she gets older. Of course, I may be Somewhat prejudiced about her; I like her southern accent...she is also a fellow Kentuckian! See More of Stephanie Stalls at .COM!

Brooke reminds us of a pin-up. Can't you see her as a retro centerfold babe with her curves, heavy breasts and comely features She may have classy looks, but we can assure you she's a very naughty girl! After all, she did pee for the camera in this scene. How did you feel about urine on-camera I was a little nervous, but I really had to pee! So once I started going it was a relief. I was surprised at how much came out of me! This was the first time I ever did anything like that. It was definitely an interesting experience. Stay tuned for the matching video tomorrow. If you're not a fan of piss, check out Brooke's other set!See More of Brooke Lynn at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

Exotic dancer C.C. Moore had more stage names than anyone could keep track of. She was also billed as Christina Cream, BJ Biggs and Staci Staxx. C.C. never did hardcore with guys, not even a cock sucking job to show her total lack of gag reflex (she swallowed whole bananas and toys on stage). Girls, specifically girls built like her, were more her speed. C.C. did shoots with Crystal Storm (who also danced at clubs with her in Some beautiful wild shows), busty BriAnna, Colt 45 and Honey Moons. She also did this very early shoot with Bunny Glamazon, a towering blonde who lived up to her name. She's got a 44-inch bust and stands 6'3! With those high-heel shoes the girls wear, we're talking 6'9! C.C. has one of the longest tongues ever seen and it played a voluminous part in her shows. She even insured it against injury. Her stage show was packed with motorcycles, giant champagne glasses and a real lion named Elvis. Bunny is still active today as an apartment house wrestler, boxer, mistress and all-around giantess. She tours Europe and Japan also, where they're really intense about kinks and fetishes, like being treated as human furniture. See More of Bunny Glamazon at CLASSICS.COM!

An Israeli who emigrated to the United Kingdom and eventually found her way to the John Graham studios, Nilli Willis' time as a model was brief. Isn't that often the case with legends She had an incredible body, very buxom yet slim, with a dark complexion. Nilli was one of the first of the Britain-based babes in the late '80s and early '90s to show off her intensely powerful libido in stills and videos, including hardcore. A true exhibitionist. What's different about Nilli is that many times, especially in a photo, the viewer's eyes are directed away from her boobs to her relentless, wide-eyed stare. She didn't just gaze at the camera. Her eyes had the power to make the viewer feel as if she were staring directly at him and saying I want to fuck! This latent, genuine talent at eye-banging that was captured on film is rare to find in a model and Nilli had it in bountiful quantities. One of her video fuck-partners, the omnipresent Marino, man of many porn nicknames such as Super Mario, once commented, She was a nasty fuck. Nasty meaning good. See More of Nilli Willis at CLASSICS.COM!