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Born May 15th, Terry Nova is 5'6, weighs 134 lbs., and measures 42-28-36. Her bra in US size would be a 36F but the way she bulges out of it, we think she's packing bigger cups than an F. Terry dressed glam style for her First shoot and looks amazing. Our jaws dropped when we saw the test shots our photographer emailed to us from Prague, Terry's hometown. As soon as this pictorial came in, we rushed it into production for July 2007 . She has the same qualities that Diane Poppos, Luma and the other chosen few have. Terry is a fun-loving college student and aspiring porn star. She's the leader in her pack of girlfriends and the most sexually aggressive. We asked her about her First shoot. I was very comfortable, Terry said, translated for us since Terry's English is minimal. The photographer is a Czech woman and a wonderful photographer. She has photographed many famous Czech and Leg Sex models. I meet a lot of bad photographers who make terrible pictures. So I was very happy to model for her and I was very relaxed. I love how I look in these photos and I hope everyone enjoys them. I saw them and I was very happy.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!

It's always a great delight to have Daylene Rio at . She comes all the way from California. We added a special touch by taking Daylene out to the famous Haulover Beach in North Miami, a patch of sand and surf that's known around the world as one of the best clothing-optional beaches. Daylene caused a stir and a whole lot more even in her bikini. Walking around naked drew a flock of followers you don't see in the photos and video because we kept them out of camera-sight. But they were there! It's not every day that you see Daylene Rio naked in public. It's not every day that you see anyone remotely stacked as Daylene in clothing. Not even at a nearby mall, where Daylene shopped for sweaters. Nice, tight, low-cut sweaters. The kind a tit-man loves to see a busty woman squeeze into. Daylene kick-started her sexxx session by showing Rocky what she bought. He's more interested in blowjob and have sexual intercourse Daylene's natural tits and have sexual intercourse her mouth and tight concha but Daylene makes him watch her try on her new sweaters First before he can dip his wiener schnitzel into her pink taco. Some suffering is lovely for a man's soul if not his boner. There Are sweater stretchers and there Are sweater stretchers. And then there's the delectable Daylene.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!

Excited Colombian babe Victoria is horny, smart and athletic. I went to an all-girls school in Colombia, she told us. It was an excellent education, and I played basketball and soccer. I'm in college right now and majoring in radiology. I'm not too wild in bed, but I like to have fun. I like getting my booty spanked, having my hair pulled and my anus lip bit. That's about as rough as I like to get. Still, if I met a man who encouraged me to branch out, I'd be game. Life is too short for lame sex. See More of Victoria Vargaz at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

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Micky Bells is back at the gym, and for this fitness session, Micky bounces on a workout ball and her great large boobs Are along for the ride. Micky makes sure her majestic mounds get a complete bounce cycle before she works on other Areas of her statuesque body. Micky likes to go bowling with friends when she can but she works out regularly. As a new mom, it's not easy for Micky to get out to the gym that much so she works out at home. When she does have a chance to go, she gets lots of looks. She hasn't mentioned if anyone recognizes her since she is not your average model. Sometimes women might get mad that the men they Are with look at me, Micky said. That is rAre because I do not flaunt myself in public. In general, people make comments that they enjoy seeing them. It is mostly charming comments. See More of Micky Bells at .COM!

Mia Sweetheart is loving life as a camgirl and a BBW. She enjoys the attention, making her own hours and being her own boss. She almost glows on-camera and has really found her calling. By now, Mia is very well-known. Mia makes friends very easily. Katie Black is her bosom buddy and Mia is close with the Star sisters at . She's gregarious and generous to the people in her circle. I like it when a guy slowly touches my wrists, Mia said with a laugh. Those Are my weak points. Strange, right When I meet that special guy, I give him the best sucks jobs and I cook for him. I like to give head. I expect him to take cAre of my needs too. Cowgirl and missionary Are my favorite positions. One thing, I never had sex in public. I would like to do that in a swimming pool. See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!

Debbie Q was known by her photographers as a very quiet girl. Her mother guided her in her modeling decisions and didn't want Debbie to get too sexual on-camera. Most of her shoots fit into the nude glamour level with no spreading of cunt lips. Debbie did a lot of boob play and open leg, occasionally rubbing her hair above her lady curtains. In place of explicit masturbation, Debbie danced, stripped, rolled around a bed or couch in erotic poses, oiled and creamed her great natural tits and did costume fantasy such as schoolgirl (or cosplay as it's now called). Debbie also did the occasional photo club group shoots for amateurs and semi-amateurs who wanted to improve their camera skills with a professional model. See More of Debbie Q at CLASSICS.COM!

Occupation: Student; Age: 18; Born: September 13; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: I'm warming up to it; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: No. Our talent scout knocked it out of the park with Hannah. She does modeling work for local clothing stores and grocery stores. When we called her to invite her to shoot some adult photos, she jumped at the opportunity. Check out Hannah's fat vagina lips and tiny, teen tits. She'd be the kind of girl whose heavenly vagina scent would stay in your nose for days. I'm glad you like my vagina, Hannah said. I'm a little self-conscious about my lips.See More of Hannah Hays at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!