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Daylene & sara's big juggy adventure In this corner of the mattress, the California bra-buster known and loved for her wild pole dancing--both stripper pole and man pole, and a mainstay at since her debut--Daylene Rio. And in the opposite corner, a white, busty, sucks artist with the assed-tonishing anus of a black girl, XXX superstar Sara Jay. But these two superstars of sex are not rivals or opponents. They are tag-team partners in this threesome. These champions of sweater-stretching had never hooked up together. And their stunt-tool needed every ounce of his strength to take on these two renowned maneaters. The rules: anything above and below the belt is good. What's permitted: penish blowing, tool licking, ball sucking, drooling, jerking, spitting, assed licking, assed slapping, doggie, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kissing, kitty eating, tit-banging, tit-mashing, clit rubbing, licking kitty juice off tool, jizz eating and snowballing. Everyone came out on top and exhausted. Daylene and Sara, we salute you for bringing the world's number one male fantasy to reality. See More of Sara Jay at .com!

Customer service Style Kendra Lee Ryan has a wham-bam-slam-ya-mam XXX scene. She's cute! said XL Girl Nikki Smith who always warmly welcomes a sister-in-boobs. Kendra is a salesgirl in a men's clothing shop. She's alone and eager for a cruel man to have sexual intercourse among the racks. Just like the salesgirls at clothing stores in your neighborhood. Not! And as far as racks go, Kendra's rack is stacked! voluminous boobs always look voluminousger on little (5'3) girls. Mr. Levi walks in, although he acts like a stalker at first. But Kendra straightens him the have sexual intercourse right out with her voluminous boobs, hungry mouth and tight cunt-hole. I try to have sex at least two times a day, Kendra said. Clitoral stimulation along with penetration and a little finger play with my bottom really make me explode. My favorite positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl and bent over a counter. I love to blow cock and use a penish to tease my clit. I'm bisexual. I love licking cunt and pleasing a hot girl. I rarely have bottomhole sex but I love my elegant bottom plug during sex and I love being licked and finger-banged. Kendra's voluminous boobs, mouth and cunt are well-filled and she gets to blow down Levi's nut-juice. She also rings up a sale at the store. Now that's true Customer service! She deserves the Salesgirl of the Month award. I love blowing cock and I swallow. Real women swallow, plus I love the taste of cum. See More of Kendra Lee Ryan at!

Hooked On Terry Hot-tempered American businessman Eric, who is in Prague on business, phones for Terry Nova. A wise move for this type-A personality. Terry has opened so many men's belts, she could work for a tailor's shop. Eric's testicles need draining. His wife doesn't do hot stuff at home and that's what stress-busters like huge-boobed Terry are for. Terry's English is nearly non-existent but she does know the universal language of love. Cash, in any currency! Stripping off her red fishnets and black boots, Terry gets to the root of the situation, taking the rod all the way up her well-practiced puss. She fucks Eric like a carnival ride that's gone haywire and out of control. It's beautiful to have a pay pal like Terry Nova in your corner. She sure does come in handy. See More of Terry Nova at!

Caliente On a heat meter of 1-to-10, Daylene Rio is a 12. She can make all of your dirty dreams come true and the proof is here. Since Daylene first started her career at in 2007, she has been igniting man-missiles on a grand scale. Some said they didn't think she could get any hotter physically and sexually but her most-recent videos raised the bar higher again. In this photo set, you can see the changes in Daylene's tits and ass. Her boobs are bigger than ever and her anal is more booty-full too. Seven pounds worth, according to Daylene. The changes are even more dramatic if you look at her early sets and compare them with these pictures. Talk about anatomical ass-tonishment! Holy fuck! A longtime reader and member visited the TSG building when he was in Miami. Daylene had just finished up a Blog video with Dave as we were giving our guest the guided tour. We showed him the studio where he met Daylene. It was big timing because she had some free time before a photo shoot. We took some snaps of Daylene with him and this really topped off his tour. She wore the same tight dress she wore in her Blog video. It's impossible to understand why the Los Angeles paparazzi chase emaciated, ironing-board-shaped actresses when Daylene is on the loose there, too. See More of Daylene Rio at!

The voluminous Bet Age: 25; Born: August 29; Ht: 5'2; Wt: 108 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: I love boy shorts; Anal: anal plugs are my favorite; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I'd rather screw; Lives: Albuquerque, New Mexico. My friend and I like to shoot pool and make silly bets. I lost a really close game, and she had bet me that I had to go streaking. Well, there were cops outside, so I figured that sending in pictures to a porno magazine would be the next best thing. I mean, this is like flashing the whole world! I'm not exactly shy when it comes to sex, Alex informed us. I love sexual humiliation, having my face used like a fucked toy, being slap and cuckolding. My first serious boyfriend introduced me to porn theaters, and I still occasionally visit gloryholes. In college, I used to make extra money dancing in the peepshow booths of a local porn store. You know what my biggest problem in life is Alex asked us. This is such a first-world problem. I cumshot too easily. It's actually kind of embarrassing how easily I get off, especially because I occasionally squirt. It's inconvenient for quickies. I mean, I practically have to carry a towel wherever I go! I'm just kidding, I don't squirt that much, but I've been known to saturate car seats and couches before.See More of Alex More at!

As Hot As Kell After a long day at university, all Kelly could think of was getting home and getting out of the clothes she'd been wearing all day. First to go was her pink tank top. Then, that red skirt hit the ground. You can hope that the white panties and bra follow, or you can click on the galleries and find out.See More of Kelly Kay at!

Lusty Secretary People tell me I have a sweet body and pretty boobs, said lascivious secretary Ann Calis. When I hear that, I feel good. I don't care for crude remarks. Sometimes men say this to shock. I try not to pay attention. I can tell who is a gentleman when I see him before he says a word. Like most chesty ladies, Ann has to spend more time on her bra and top selections than less-gifted girls. I have to buy bras from special stores and that takes time. I don't like to buy on the web. If they don't fit properly, it's uncomfortable to wear. Most guys don't really understand what it's like. I can get the ones I want that are comfortable but it costs more and they are harder to find. See More of Ann Calis at!

She's Out of Bounds Sara Siren is the type of chick we can get behind. Well, what we mean is we would love to get behind her. This whooty from lovely South Florida is thin in the waist with a phat booty we'd love to taste. Because she's so bad, we decided we should dress her up as a referee. She's got horny dick-sucking-lips made to blow our whistles, and a busty body only girls who stay active boast. I actually love to work out and play sports, Sara said. Wait a second. Does have sex count as a sport If it does, that's the only sport I play. That's the only sport that matters here at BootyLicious. We reward foul play, and we'd love to touch down in that tight, pink cunt of hers. See More of Sara Siren at!

A Whopper of a Blonde When she first started dancing, she used the names Lacy and April. When she began feature dancing, she used the name Tommy Tatas. She made her breasts larger and larger. Then she became Wendy Whoppers, a key figure in the huge boob fad that swept America and, to a certain extent, England in the 80s and 90s. At her peak in the early 1990s, Wendy Whoppers was one of the highest paid dancers on the big-bust circuit. At the time, there were many clubs that specialized in booking at least one big-bust feature per week, such as New York Dolls and Flashdancers. The stars usually did three-to-four shows a day and the club's regular house dancers fleshed out the rest of the daily entertainment. Wendy and Tiffany Towers were some of the first huge-breasted dancers to do hardcore porn, and once Wendy did it, many other dancers went hardcore also. Wendy did all of hers in a six-month time spand. The dancers' magazine pictorials and covers were, in a sense, advertisements for their stage shows. So were the XXX and softcore tapes and their TV talk show appearances (such as on the Jerry Springer and Richard Bey shows in the States). Because of this mix, Wendy became one of the most-recognizable big-bust stars. See More of Wendy Whoppers at!

French Doll Anastasia Doll was discovered in France. We've had very little success finding busty French models over the past 25 years even though France has a pretty healthy adult entertainment sector. Why this is so remains a puzzle. People are often very shocked when they see my enormous breasts but I love it, said Anastasia during a break in shooting. I like to draw attention to myself. I am proud of my body. That bubble analy draws a lot of attention to Anastasia also. Anastasia calls herself a Brunette Barbie. I only buy bras off the rack because I do not need to push up my breasts. They do not fall and are very big. What else should we know about Anastasia I love high heels. I like to take care of my feet so they look perfect wearing them.See More of Anastasia Doll at .com!