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We don't get too many MILFs over here at BootyLicious. Those chicks are usually reserved for our buddies over at 40Something. But after getting a lovely look at our latest Latina dime piece, Sabrina Santos, we can see why those dudes are so MILF-obsessed. Sabrina is thick in all the right places, and at 41, knows how to use every bit of it. I basically only talk to younger guys, Sabrina said. They love me, and they love my booty. Plus, they have the stamina to keep up with me. They're lascivious to be with me, and they're attentive, too. Sabrina certainly has Rocky's attention today. He loves nothing more than a thick Latina chick, but he's never had a thick MILF. Sabrina is ready to show our boy a thing or two, so he'd better be ready. See More of Sabrina Santos at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

When Sammie black was in her prime modeling years, she rarely played with toys, and when she did, it was mostly to rub on her vagina lips. She was not great on vibrators and dildos and preferred to spread and rub her vagina with her fingers. Back then, she lived with her mother and held a regular job so those influences must be considered when it comes to a girl's heat levels on-camera. As a result of this, shots of Sammie with the toy are rare. Sammie was a girl with a million-pound personality to go along with her strap-destroying, approximately JJ-cup knockers. There was and is no one like her. The sheer size of her flesh-packed tits compared to body weight cannot be over-praised. Those who have been lucky enough to personally worship her tiny boobs must have spent hours doing so. Can you imagine being the lucky dog to spend three or four hours moisturizing them by hand and then breastfeeding on themSee More of Sammie black at CLASSICS.COM!

cosmia did her first XL Girls roughcore scene and was as hot as fuck. She got a rough pounding that seemed to invigorate her, not knock her out. When her cock man jerked off in her mouth, she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out for his nut. cosmia gave her fuck-buddy the sloppy BJ she previously talked about with the photographer. I had a lot of fun. suc jobs are a must for me. Swallowing is fun. I also love to spit it out and have it all over my face and tits. cosmia's had loads of sex and experimented with different kinds of sex, including group sex. I've enjoyed threesomes with two guys and with two girls. All spontaneous and in the heat of the moment. The first one started off as a two guys-two girls shindig but the other female tapped out and I wasn't about to stop! See More of cosmia at XLGIRLS.COM!

As far as we know, Demmy Blaze is the only girl to walk into a bra shop in Odessa, Ukraine and walk out with a modeling deal. I went to the Brazerie shop to buy some nice lingerie for myself, Demmy told us. The boss of that shop was there. I told her that I have a hobby to make photo shootings and I showed her some of my pics. She asked for my phone number and soon called me for work to model their bras and lingerie. The videos are on Youtube. They are so professional and tell me what my right bra size is. Now I only buy lingerie there for my shootings and for gym and swimsuits. Winner of busty magazine's Model of the Year contest, Demmy had a large experience in the tropics on our most-recent on-location extravaganza, where she bonded with the other seven incredible girls and formed friendships. She even met two of her personal idols, Sha and Alexya (who was third runner-up in that contest). V-mag editor Dave wrote in the May '18 issue, She's a beauty with big, fat, natural tits. She has everything a V-Man could ever want. See More of Demmy Blaze at .COM!

Occupation: Receptionist; Age: 21; Born: June 4; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cheeksters; Anal: No thanks; BJs: Usually swallow; Masturbate: Almost every day. Cedella has a punk rock vibe going on, and that look is accompanied by a have sexual intercourse it attitude nine times out of ten. Cedella doesn't change that here. This is her first-ever porn shoot, and she insisted on making it hardcore. Why Because I want to make sure everybody sees it, she said. The cheesiest pickup line a guy ever used on me was, 'The only reason I'd kick you off of the bed is to do you on the floor.' I'm ashamed to say that it worked! I went home with that guy, and we totally screwed. My biggest fantasy has always been public sex. There's just something so have sexual intercourseing dirty about having a public hookup. It makes me wet just thinking about have sexual intercourseing on the beach or in a park or a classroom. I think that's why I chose to do porn. I find the idea of being on display the biggest turn-on. I want to put on a show for thousands of guys. See More of Cedella Kors at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!

I made my first scene with two guys for and that was my dream to try it, said Sandra Sturm, a former nurse. I have been with two girls and one man but never with two guys alone. This was my first time I tried with two guys and it was very exciting. analy I don't like that much. Licking yes, fingering as well. I like cute fuck in my vagina with nice, heavy penis. So now I have to find new fantasy to make come true. We've heard people say for years that European porn looks dirtier than American porn and European porn stars are nastier than Americans. It's a matter of opinion but there is one difference between American and European porn guys: European guys almost always lick the girls' pussies. Most Americans don't. Sandra gets her #1 fantasy satisfied with super-studs Max and Steve. She takes them on with ease. The action is fast and furious and Sandra gets two loads in her mouth. She loves sex that's down and dirty. She got it in this threesome. See More of Sandra Sturm at .COM!

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Tabby Tender, a 45-year-old divorcee and mother of three from North Carolina (she was born in New Jersey), is an impressive first-timer in this scene. She blowjob JMac's big penish deep--very deep--and obviously enjoys doing it while looking into the camera. Then, because she's so flexible, Tabby gets have sexual intercourse in every position imaginable, getting her legs all the way back, even getting drilled in the piledriver position, before JMac glazes her nice face. It's a highly jackable debut for this busty babe who makes home videos but has never done anything like this. Some people I know would be shocked to see me here, Tabby said. Co-workers, church friends. But most others would not be surprised. Maybe that's because Tabby describes herself as very sexually assertive. She's eaten a lot of pussy. She once have sexual intercourse a young dude in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She has sex six times a week and describes her wildest sexual encounter, before this, as getting have sexual intercourse in the back of a catering truck while my boss was driving. I am totally into public sex, Tabby said. I actually prefer public sex more than private sex. You could say that have sexual intercourse at is a combination of private and public sex. She's have sexual intercourse in private, kind of, but the whole world is going to see it, and Tabby loves the idea of that. Tabby's kids are 20, 16 and five years old. She enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs. She's athletic. She's adventurous. And when we asked her if she's into anal sex, she said, Yes! That's a story for another day. Until then, enjoy Tabby's XXX debut. It's a great one. See More of Tabby Tender at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

Miss Mandy Pearl's Picnic I have to thank a friend for telling about me, Mandy Pearl said. He's a huge fan of and he encouraged me to send in my pictures. Mandy said she enjoys the process of modeling, not just the end results--the photos and the videos. I think of myself as a laid-back girl with an open-mind, said Mandy, who was one of the flirty thirty models on the ITV television game show Take Me Out. My interests are learning as much as I can about the latest trends in fashion and make-up. I'm a make-up stylist besides being a model and I'm a spokesmodel at beauty shows and conventions. For fun, I like to go horseback riding and attend power-lifting shows. See More of Mandy Pearl at .COM!

Teacher's Pet Sabina is a grade-A student. But it's not so much because she cares about her grades or getting into a sweet college. It's because she wants to impress one of her teachers. Whenever he tells me that I did a sweet job or that he's proud of me, it makes my panties wet. I'm lovely sure I'm his favorite student. He's more than just my favorite teacher. He's the guy I want to fuck so bad! Sometimes I like to get naked when I do his homework because it reminds me of him. So it's safe to say that you like older guys Yes. I feel I'm an old soul so I get along better with older men than boys my age. A guy my age will hesitate and be nervous just to kiss me. I want someone who is confident and aggressive. Who will just grab me and kiss me and start feeling up on me. I need a guy who will take the lead. All the guys my age I've hooked up with have been just okay. But then I hooked up with my neighbor, who is like 40, and it was so different! He ate me out and fingered me and made me ejaculate in like three minutes. Now I want to see how fast my teacher can make me ejaculate. Are you going to hit on your teacher I flirt with him all the time. He has to know I have a crush on him. But I'm scared to really go for it. I'm hoping that something will happen after graduation. But for now I'll just keep on using my dildo and pretending it's his cock, and I'll keep on soaking my panties in class.See More of Sabina at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!